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Family Stories and Professions

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Rachel Casey (back row, third from right) at Britannia Stadium Stoke City


Christopher Casey and Nick Hancock at Stoke City Ground



This was Stoke City's only trophy win, the 1972 League Cup Final over Chelsea!, This picture appeared in the Sentinel that very night! Mum nearly fell of the sofa she saw it!!...George, Bernard, Reg, Chris, Michael and Anthony outside Buckingham Palace before the game! I queued up on the coldest night of the year, 16 hours outside the old Vic ground, George offered me £5 to do it !!a lot of money in those days!! me being a Port Vale fan didn't mind! 
..took me 30 years to get warm :)    Memories of Tim Casey (son of George & Iris Casey)

These stories sent in by Tim Casey



Uncle Frank was the most charismatic man I ever met, when we lived at Sneyd Green, Uncle Frank would visit in his robes and there seemed like it was the Lord Himself walking down the street, children just seemed to love him...He'd always got a smile for everyone!!...I remember one of many stories...When he worked at Lourdes in France, they said...oh Uncle Frank had to come home you know?...needed some treatment on his bad back!!!:)     Memories of Tim Casey 

An unforgettable moment for Chris Casey (son of George & Iris) at Old Trafford 1976


Liam Casey age 14,  comes 2nd out of 10,000 entries, after he picked a 'World Cup Fantasy Football Team' for 'Shoot' magazine. Proud dad Chris looks on.



At least four families here. Austin's , Casey's (Reg & Madge) and Casey's (George & Iris) and Kerrigan's. (Patrick & Sheila) ( sent in by Tim Casey :)






Tom Burke was a very experienced Potter, his brother John Burke – known as ‘Jack’ worked at the Michelin Tyre Factory (later his brother ‘Tony Burke’ worked there). The incident happened during the 2nd World War. The battle to take Italy and specifically Rome.  Tom entered the city from Sicily and Jack entered from Solerno using landing craft.  The headlines in the papers were ‘Brothers Meet Up’. They met up by shear coincidence. I can’t imagine the emotions they both went through after all the warfare they had experienced and finally to meet up with your brother.


Albert Austin married Mary Casey, he was born with a hole in the heart and tragically died very young, but not before the arrival of Stephen, Catherine, Martin and Jane. Mary went on to marry Harry Swain. He can be described as a very tough guy; he was a prisoner of war in Poland forced to work in the Polish mines and when the prisoners were liberated, rather than wait for the liberating army to arrive he actually walked to the British lines. He had been a foreman during the construction of the Thames Flood Barrier and he also worked on big construction projects in Bahrain. Sadly Harry is no longer with us.


There was only one Christian Brother in the family, his name goes without saying, Brother Gregory, better known to all as Uncle Frank.  A mention here goes to Anthony Casey, son of Reginald Casey, who trained in a novitiate for 4-5 yrs. to become a Roman Catholic Priest.  He didn’t complete his training,  his calling ultimately was for teaching.


Nurses in the family include Geraldine Casey (married to Terence Casey).  Also Julie Ann Clegg (married to Simon Clegg)


Linda Casey : A wonderful Therapist and Councilor. (you got a problem? She will sort it!).


Master Builders
Include Reginald Casey, his sons Terence Casey (Joiner) Timothy Casey and James Casey (Joiner), George Casey (Electrical), his sons Tim and ChristopherBernard Casey (Builder/Owner/Manager of Trent Squash Club), and Son Andrew (now a manager).


 Joseph Casey was a Professional Lithographer (Litho-Artist). He was conscripted into the army during the latter stages of WW2 where his skills were used to the full. He was commissioned to draw maps which were invaluable to the allied war effort.


Top Motor Mechanics include Charles Williams (married to Linda) and his fellow Welshmen Michael and David Beech (married to Theresa and Marie Kerrigan). Thomas Casey (big trucks!) and Simon Burke. (Son of ‘Tony’ & Pearl Burke).


Teachers include husband and wife Anthony and Margaret Casey. Also Terence Casey teaches IT (Information Technology)
Also Michael Casey (son of George), his wife Elizabeth based in Newtown, Mid Wales, along with their son Iwan, based in Sheffield.


Computers and Technology graduates include Paul Casey , Paul Kerrigan (MSc in Computers), John Kerrigan, and Patrick Kerrigan.


There is at least one Fireman in the family, Thomas Casey.


Engineers include ‘Tony’ Burke and Bryan Casey (both of whom worked together at the Michelin Tyre Co.)


Beauty Therapist and hairdresser: Janet Casey. Her son Ben Casey says he's good at maths and drawing, and he's in year 5.

Family members who have served in the armed forces include many of the older generation through WW1 and WW2, and more recently the Falklands.  A special mention here goes to Paul Casey who served during the Falkland War. I believe Peter Burke is in the forces. (Which service I am not sure).


Top Trucker Shaun Casey: An extra-ordinary man who can drive any vehicle anywhere!


Party Organisers and co-ordinators,  Angela Casey  ( wife of James Casey) and Marie Casey ( wife of Thomas Casey).


As of December 2001 the tree stretches 7 generations starting with John Casey born 1840 to the present youngest member Sean Patrick Kerrigan born November 2001.

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